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Posted by on Aug 21, 2017 in Diabetes Management, Lifestyle, Relationships

Pregnancy and Parenting with Type 1 Diabetes: Catching up with Olga

Pregnancy and Parenting with Type 1 Diabetes: Catching up with Olga

It’s no joke when people say that every pregnancy is different! I had one wonderful pregnancy with my son, Nikita, but this one… this one is different. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not married to the porcelain god or anything, but the nausea! Not quite strong enough to drive me to the bathroom, but not weak enough to let me just ignore it. It kind of annoyingly lingers throughout the day and at the most random of times. Has anyone experienced this? It’s like that annoying mosquito that keeps buzzing in your ear. You keep swatting it away and think it’s gone, but then one minute later, there it is again.

I guess the old saying is true: try to focus on something else and you’ll eventually stop thinking about what’s bothering you. Thank God for diabetes then right? 🙂

Other than my son, my biggest focus is diabetes management. Now let me tell you, the second time around, pregnancy is more difficult as I have to worry about myself and a toddler. My biggest hurdle and legitimate fear has always been, “if I go low in the middle of feeding/changing/taking care of my child, what do I do?” Well, that has happened several times in the last few weeks (nothing major, I was 65 or 68 but it still had to be taken care of). And let me tell you, I dropped what I was doing, drank a juice box (apple flavor, if you’re wondering) and went right back to it. Did my son spaz a bit when I stopped feeding him? Yes. Did he run around without diapers for a couple of minutes while I took care of my low? Yep! But guess what, my health equals his safety.

Speaking of safety, with a toddler that is constantly yanking on my earrings or trying to choke me with my necklaces, it’s uber serious that I constantly communicate to him to be gentle with his mama. I can’t even imagine him yanking on my pump if it was tubed. Ouch! Accidents happen, I get that, but I am not one to run the risk of such things when I have a tubeless Pod that is neatly hidden away.

Now, when I do have it more visible (on my arm or thigh) and I see his little eyes gaze over and his chubby little hand want to touch it, I quickly remind him “baby we need to be gentle. You can’t yank that or it will hurt mommy.” And thank goodness he is a smart little boy because no matter what pump you use, it will hurt if someone pulls it out!

To any first time or second time diabetic mamas – I salute you! I truly do. It’s already so hard being a great mom, but add in the huge component of type 1 diabetes and well… you become a super star in my eyes. Keep on tweaking your basal rates and carb ratios and boluses and keep on being the strong, wonderful you! Cheers to good health!

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Posted by on Dec 7, 2016 in Fashion, Fashion Corner

Cold Weather Fashion

Cold Weather Fashion

Brrrr, is everyone ready for the chilly weather? I know I am! I love summer but towards the end I start to miss the smell of burning wood/leaves, changing autumn colors of oranges, browns and reds, pretty much everything in cinnamon, pumpkin, vanilla, apple or a mix of all four.

Cold weather 3However, what I love MOST about fall is the change in clothing! Can we say “Hallelujah” for leggings, boots and cozy sweaters?! As I’ve mentioned before, I am all about camouflaging my Omnipod® pump and Dexcom when I need to, but there is such little effort I put into this in the fall and winter seasons. I can wear the pump anywhere and nobody will ever know. Do you want to wear your pump on your stomach, lower back, thigh, upper buttocks, arms? No problem! Nothing a chunky sweater can’t fix! I can’t even tell you how many over-sized sweaters I own. And they are still in style and look great on almost every body type. The secret to wearing the big sweater well is to go light on the bottom, meaning leggings or skinny jeans or (weather allowing) black tights and shorts.

You will see me mostly in these three options pretty much once it gets below 60 degrees. I live in Chicago, so I’ll be donning these staples for a while. Let us know what you wear in the chilly season that keeps you warm, comfy and fashionable! 🙂

Cold weather 2               Cold weather

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Posted by on Oct 17, 2016 in Fashion, Fashion Corner, Lifestyle

Summer Fashion Secrets of a T1D

Summer Fashion Secrets of a T1D

Ahh, summer time. Short shorts, tank tops, bikinis, hot sun and cool drinks. That all sounds great right? Well, unless you’re a novice T1D’r OR you’re new to insulin pump therapy. No worries! Olga is here to save the day!

I know, I know…. You’re thinking, “how am I ever going to cover up this thing while wearing all these cute summer clothes?!” The pump all of a sudden went from a size of half an egg to a full blown cantaloupe right? Listen, it’s easy, believe me! I’ve been living with T1D for 20 years now and have been the master of the covert pump-wearer since 2010. Plus, once you get used to having it on you and you realize how great you feel, you realize WHO CARES?! But, until you get to that point, I am here to help you out!

Step 1 – Planning is key!

Whenever I know that I will be wearing something tight or more revealing (aka a bathing suit), I plan ahead. “Let’s see, I put my pump on Wednesday and I know I will be changing it Saturday and I’m going to the beach on Sunday. So Saturday I will put it on my bum where my scrunchy bathing suit bottom will cover it nicely!” See, that wasn’t so bad, was it?

Step 2 – Become master of disguise!

I’ll have to do a picture follow up for this one (coming in a future blog) where I will show you how easy it is to cover up the pump through clever, yet fashionable, ways. But for the summer season I usually wear it around my tummy, love handles and buttocks. Mostly because it is easy to hide under shorts, pants or tops. Since shorts are a staple of the hot season, I stay away from my legs. But keep in mind, rotation is IMPORTANT! I also don’t put the pump on my arms if I know that I’ll be in a crowded area (like a summer festival) where it is easier for someone to run by me or bump into me and potentially rip it off.

Step 3 – Flaunt it!

This is your health and your life! I have been asked if the Omnipod is a smoking patch or a BBQ dipping sauce container that accidentally got stuck on my skin. Both funny because I don’t smoke nor consume BBQ sauce. I sometimes respond with “it’s my life support” which in essence it is and that makes it extra cool and important to me. Sometimes I say “oh it’s just my insulin pump” and THAT is where I get most of my follow up questions. I love that! I get to share my story, answer questions about my health and why I chose pump therapy over shots. The best part of all the questions is when someone says “I will have to tell my daughter to look into this! We did not know how discreet it is!” or “I never knew how easy it is or how small these pumps are!” Through my experience, and my sharing my story, I am able to help someone else with T1D, and that is the best Fashion Secret!

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