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Pump Therapy

Adult Swim

So off I skipped (metaphorically speaking, of course) into the February afternoon with a newfound excitement usually reserved for Christmas presents. I was embarking on a new journey now, and I was giddy at its prospect. I was finally entering the territory of Insulin...


“So these are your options.” I sat in the sterilized confines of Carolinas Medical Center in chilly downtown Charlotte, NC, surveying the possibilities of insulin pumps. It was February 2013, just a few weeks after completing a 100 mile ultramarathon in Florida, still...

My Journey to Pump Therapy Part 5: Why Omnipod?

Check out the first four parts of Allison Nimlos’ series on her journey to starting on an insulin pump with type 1 diabetes. The Omnipod was not my first insulin pump. When I first went on a pump in 2000, there were only two options. I was using another pump for about...