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An engaging plot. A funky camera angle. A good laugh. You never know what excites a judge. Only one thing is guaranteed to count in your favor: the popularity of your video. But in fairness, here are our four judging criteria and some tips on increasing your odds.

Inspirational value: We want to motivate people to take better care of their diabetes—and you are the best person to do that. Share a personal story or something that motivates you.

Creativity: Don’t go all crazy on us, but put a little thought into your delivery; the judges are human, after all.

Core message: Your video should clearly show how OmniPod makes diabetes a smaller part of your life. And we will smile on those who use OmniPod in their title. Hey, it’s our contest, you know.

Popularity: The more often your video is viewed, the better your chances of winning—so rally your friends, family colleagues and social network and anyone you encounter in the street. Send them to your YouTube video—and ask them to pass it on. Here are six tips to boost your ratings:

  • Email your YouTube link to friends and family
  • Embed your YouTube link in your email signature
  • Embed your video on your blog
  • Embed your YouTube link in your signature on online forums
  • Post your YouTube link in your social networking profiles on Facebook, MySpace, Orkut, Bebo, LinkedIn—or wherever your friends and colleagues find you.
  • Use the word ‘OmniPod’ in your video’s YouTube title and description

Posting a video on YouTube is easy!  Here’s a link to the simple instructions:

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