OmniPod + CGM


Optimal control, comfort and convenience.


You can use OmniPod in tandem with any available continuous glucose monitoring system (CGMS) for tubing-free insulin delivery with unparalleled peace of mind. CGMS provides:


  • Access to real-time glucose values
  • Glucose trend information
  • Customizable early warning alarms


With minute-to-minute glucose information from continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) technology you know if you are trending high or low. Confirm with a fingerstick, then use the PDM to immediately adjust your insulin and prevent acute events.

Many OmniPod users are already taking advantage of CGM technology. For instance, the members of Team Type 1, who wear the OmniPod count on the CGM for instant access to their critical glucose information. As the team’s co-founder Joe Eldridge notes, “Combining OmniPod and CGM, I am not living my life around my diabetes; I make the diabetes work around my life. OmniPod and CGM are both great alone, but much better together!”


With OmniPod + CGM, optimal control and all the comfort and convenience of being tubing-free really is simple.