We're Here For You


When you're an OmniPod customer,
we've got your back.


At OmniPod, our goal is to make diabetes
a smaller part of your life. Any way we can.


  • We make it easy to start: Our insurance specialists
    guide you through the ordering process. Click here to get more information on your insurance coverage or get going now.
  • We provide hands-on training: A Certified Pod Trainer teaches you how to use the OmniPod System.
  • We are here for you: Sometimes you just have a question. If it is 2 AM you may feel shy about picking up the phone. If you wear the Pod, go ahead. Call us day or night at 800.591.3455 or send us an email.
  • We keep innovating: Having a great system doesn’t mean we stop striving. We are always innovating—from integrating continuous glucose monitoring to shrinking the size of the Pod. And any time we have an advancement, you have the chance to upgrade.
  • We won’t leave you stranded: Need a replacement PDM? It is on its way, shipped overnight to wherever you are.1
  • We give lots of backup: From our User Guide to directions for caregivers, we have a series of educational and training materials that show exactly how to take advantage of the OmniPod’s unique features.

1. Overnight shipping applies in most cases.



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