Now it's even easier to get important OmniPod and diabetes management information first-hand. These Podcasts, narrated by Jenna Kalnins, RD, CDE, will give you information on key features and benefits of the OmniPod System, on managing diabetes, planning ahead for certain situations, and other helpful topics.


Simply click on the Podcasts below to view the presentations or take them with you on-the-go by downloading them.


Introduction to OmniPod

Learn about the basics of pump therapy, the key features and benefits of the OmniPod System, and get an overview of how the OmniPod works.


Staying Healthy with Diabetes Management

Learn the ABCs of managing diabetes, blood glucose control and how carbohydrates have an impact on blood glucose levels. Also learn more about multiple daily injections, different insulin pump options and an overview of the OmniPod System.


Diabetes and Disaster Planning

Prepare for managing diabetes in the event of a natural disasters like a hurricane, Earthquake, flood, fire, etc. Learn more about creating a plan and how to care for diabetes during these situations. Also get an overview of the basics of the OmniPod System.


* These Podcasts were created with the OmniPod System PDM model UST200.