OmniPod VIPs


Not only do our OmniPod VIPs use the OmniPod System to manage their diabetes and make living with diabetes easier – but they also have inspiring stories to tell. These motivating OmniPod advocates are available to make appearances at local events – whether it's a diabetes walk, camp or information session. Just contact your local OmniPod representative and they can make it happen.



Jay Hewitt

Ironman Triathlete, Professional Motivational Speaker, Attorney and Diabetes Advocate


Team Type 1

As a three-time member of the U.S. National Team for Long Course Triathlon, Jay Hewitt regularly competes in Ironman events. That makes the control he gets from a pump critical. His heavy sweating and constant swimming meant he needed a pump that would stay in place. Traditional pumps created obstacles for Jay so he switched to the OmniPod. The Pod stays securely on his body during his intense workouts and races. "I look at diabetes as my advantage rather than my disadvantage. But having the OmniPod now gives me one more weapon to prove that I'm in control of it. The OmniPod makes it so much easier to do even the most extreme things I want to do, like racing Ironman events all over the world."


Robyn Cox

Dolphin Trainer


Team Type 1

As a child Robyn Cox had one dream: to train dolphins. And she saw no reason her diabetes should get in her way. But because Robyn's schedule is constantly in flux, balancing intense performance cycles of dolphin play, it's tough to keep control with shots. Conversely, she's in the water so much that she couldn't use a conventional pump. Then Robyn's doctor told her about OmniPod. "Suddenly this little bitty thing means I don't have to think about injections. I can vary my schedule. I can be in the water as long as I need to. It stays exactly where I put it and I don't worry about anything getting kinked or tangled. You can't even see it under my wetsuit," Robyn laughs, "and the wetsuits are pretty tight. OmniPod has made all the difference in the world."


Sean Busby

Professional Snowboarder and Founder of "Riding On Insulin"


Team Type 1

Sean Busby is a professional snowboarder with type 1 diabetes. He travels the world competing and exploring remote corners of the globe on snowboarding expeditions. He's been on numerous expeditions to Antarctica, Patagonia, Argentina and Iceland. Sean loves that the OmniPod works great during these competitions and that it makes his daily life with diabetes so easy. "The OmniPod gives me the freedom to manage my diabetes in extreme conditions, as well as everyday life."


Sean is also the founder of "Riding On Insulin." This organization's mission is to provide international ski and snowboarding camps for kids with type 1 and type 2 diabetes with an emphasis on how to manage blood glucose levels where altitude, climate and humidity all play a role.