Customer Stories


"The kids can get up when they want,
eat when they want, run around or
take it easy—it is like having two
healthy kids again."


The Poulins take a big family trip to Disneyworld every year. But when their two children, Tommy (age 7) and Maddie (age 6), were diagnosed with diabetes, parents Annette and Tom found it was like having babies again. “Instead of packing a diaper bag, we were packing a diabetes bag,” Annette remembers. Old photos of the kids eating Mickey Mouse ice creams were heart-wrenching. “I kept thinking, ‘Now my kids can’t do what they want, because they’re on the needle.’ It broke my heart.” Then their doctor told them about the OmniPod. The Poulins love the ease, the insertion, the flexibility. But mostly they love having a normal life again. “That’s what the OmniPod has done for us.”