About Insulin Pump Therapy


Pump therapy just makes sense.


You probably know that a healthy pancreas releases precise amounts of rapid-acting insulin in response to the body’s needs when sleeping or waking, eating or exercising, or just living. Insulin shots can only approximate that precision—and it is up to you to adjust your life to your injection schedule. Insulin pump therapy, also known as Continuous Subcutaneous Insulin Infusion (CSII) Therapy, changes all that.

The advantages of insulin pump therapy are clear:

  • No more schedules: An insulin pump lets you make immediate adjustments to your insulin intake any time you want, so you can be spontaneous while still maintaining good blood glucose control.
  • More flexibility with food: Skip a meal, have a snack, eat when the family eats.
  • The closest thing to a healthy pancreas: Insulin pump therapy offers far better blood glucose control1-2 than injections, so you get off the high-low rollercoaster.3-5 Bonus: that kind of control can lower your A1C.6
  • An unwrinkled brow: It’s proven: people on pumps worry less about their insulin therapy.7
  • A healthier life: Keeping your blood glucose near normal can decrease diabetic eye disease by 76%, nerve disease by 60% and kidney disease by 56%.3


In insulin pump therapy, a system such as the OmniPod delivers a constant stream of rapid-acting insulin through a tiny, flexible catheter called a cannula. The insulin goes into the fatty tissue below your skin (subcutaneous tissue) and your body absorbs it naturally. Working with your healthcare provider, you decide exactly how much insulin you need, and when. Then you simply program your diabetes pump system to deliver it in two different ways:


  • Basal insulin: A small amount of insulin delivered continuously day and night to cover your body’s ‘baseline’ insulin needs.
  • Bolus insulin: Additional insulin delivered on demand to cover meals or snacks, or to help bring down high blood glucose.


No wonder people on insulin pump therapy rarely look back. And, with the OmniPod System, you’ll get all the benefits of insulin therapy in a way that no conventional insulin pump can deliver. Request a free OmniPod Demo Pod today and start your way to easy insulin pump management.

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