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With OmniPod®

People choose OmniPod® because they want to do the right thing for their long-term health—while making life as easy as possible for themselves. See how the small, discreet, and tubing-free OmniPod® is helping to change lives for the better.


Singer and headline maker

Lexi is just 9 years old, but she's precocious, and she's controlling diabetes with OmniPod®. That got the attention of her local newstation, which took a closer look at a "game changer" for people with Type 1 diabetes.

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student and avid outdoorsman

Twelve-year-old Ryan is an active swimmer, biker, fisher, and camper. But when Ryan was diagnosed with diabetes at age 9, life looked very different. "The first year was extremely trying," recounts his mother, Nancy. "My husband and I both work full time. It was really tough juggling our schedules while counting carbs and giving shots. Trying to manage it all was incredibly stressful...I probably cried every day." While Nancy and her husband felt a pump would help their son, Ryan hated the idea of dangling tubing and a device attached to his waistband. In fact, just seeing the tubing almost made him pass out. Then he saw OmniPod®—and life changed for the better. "I feel confident knowing we're taking better care of Ryan's long-term health with OmniPod®. And I know he feels better about himself. Now he can do everything he did before diabetes." The family hasn't looked back since.

Based on an Insulet interview with Ryan's mother Nancy



Working mother and marathon runner

Michaela is constantly on the go—which was a big problem when she was on a traditional pump. The tubing would constantly get caught on things as she rushed around-and would often get ripped out by her son. When Michaela learned about the tubing-free OmniPod®, she decided to make the switch. She loves how convenient the 2-part design is and can go about her daily routine without worrying about her tubing getting disconnected. "With the OmniPod®, I can be more active and involved in whatever interests me. I can do things now that I didn't imagine were possible when I was on a tubed pump-like training for a marathon. And the OmniPod® is so easy to use, it's really convenient with my nonstop schedule. It enables me to be the best at what's important to me—being a mother and a working professional—while still having control over my life with diabetes."

Based on an Insulet interview with Michaela



Musician and drumming instructor

As a talented musician, Austin plays in 3 bands and teaches drums. He hikes and runs-and used to juggle it all while taking at least 5 insulin shots a day and constantly eating snacks to try to keep his blood glucose in check. He'd heard good things about pump therapy from his mom and healthcare provider, but with his active lifestyle he didn't like the idea of tubing. "I was kind of hesitant at first," recalled Austin. "But after trying OmniPod®, I pretty much fell in love with it." Now he has more freedom and much better control over his blood glucose levels—and without the stress of constantly worrying about his glucose levels, he finds he can focus more on the rest of his life. "I can manage my diabetes better than I ever have and don't have to think about it all the time. I've never had that freedom before. It's awesome."

Based on an Insulet interview with Austin



Nurse and golfer

When Heather was on a traditional pump, life was stressful. She had trouble sleeping because of the discomfort she felt from the pump in her side. She had to disconnect when she showered, which impacted her blood glucose numbers. Heather learned about OmniPod® from a friend and knew it was time to switch. She loves the freedom it's given her and how easy it is to use. "Juggling my busy life is easier now, because wearing the OmniPod is so convenient." The fact that the blood glucose meter is built into the PDM has also helped her diabetes management: "I would say because it's an all-inclusive system, it's probably made me test a little more often. It's so convenient and easy, because I just have it all with me." Heather appreciates that she has more site placement options, no longer has to disconnect for different activities, and feels that life has gotten easier overall.

Based on an Insulet interview with Heather



HIgh School Student

Ashley remembers what life was like on a traditional pump. "It was difficult to fit in clothes-like you couldn't wear a dress," she said. "And for soccer I'd have to take the pump off for 2 hours which made it a lot harder to manage my insulin. For skiing, I'd have to keep going in every hour or so-it definitely affected how I could participate." Ashley also recalls how summers at camp were difficult, taking the pump on and off and trying not to lose the parts or get sand on everything. And at home and school she'd need to be careful walking around as she often found her tubing getting caught and ripped out. With OmniPod®, all that's changed. She's found managing her diabetes is much easier, her A1C has dropped, she's got much tighter control-and she loves the dress she'll be wearing to the prom. "I can wear OmniPod® and you wouldn't know I have diabetes. I don't mind telling people I do, but now people can't tell just by looking at me anymore. I'm definitely not as self-conscious about it as I was with the old pump with tubing."

Based on an Insulet interview with Ashley