OmniPod + FreeStyle® Test Strips

FreeStyle® Test Strips and the OmniPod® System

The test strips cleared for use with the OmniPod Insulin Management System include both FreeStyle test strips (marked with "FreeStyle" on the stem) and FreeStyle blood glucose test strips with ZipWik™ tabs (marked with the butterfly on the stem)*.


                 FreeStyle Blood Glucose Test Strips                                FreeStyle Blood Glucose Test Strips with ZipWik™ tabs*




If you have questions about your test strips, please contact Abbott Diabetes Care's Customer Support Center at 888.522.5226.


If you have questions regarding the compatibility of your test strips with your OmniPod System, please contact Insulet Customer Care at 800.591.3455.


Representatives are available 24-hours a day, 7-days a week to assist you with your needs.

*Cleared for use with OmniPod PDM model UST200 only.

OmniPod is indicated for use with FreeStyle test strips only. It is not indicated for use with FreeStyle Lite® blood glucose test strips. You still must input a code into your OmniPod with each vial of FreeStyle test strips.

FreeStyle® and ZipWik™ are trademarks of Abbott Laboratories.