You and your patients will notice the difference with the Omnipod DASH™ System.

To start, it maybe be easier to get your MDI and tubed pump patients started and to train them on the product.

  • Pharmacy orders may simplify prescribing and reduce paperwork.
  • Simple to set up and detail with patients.
  • Optional ADEPT™ certified clinicians can provide initial and ongoing support.

Continued visits will be less hassle as well.

  • Insulet Provided Glooko will make it simple to access the data you want to see.
  • Office visits may be more productive because you can focus on the patient, not the product.
  • Treatment modifications during visits are simple to perform.
  • Patient adherence with an easy-to-use, simple system should improve.


Your patients–both T1D and insulin-dependent T2D– will like everything that the Omnipod DASH™ System offers:

  • Discreet insulin delivery and control at your patient's fingertips
  • Zero basal rate insulin delivery
  • Carb ratios to 0.1g carbs/unit
  • CalorieKing®2 database with carb counts for over 80,000 items
  • Insulet Provided Glooko capability generates automatic, secure uploads of diabetes data for easy access by Omnipod® patients and healthcare providers
  • Bluetooth® wireless technology and WiFi capabilities to connect with other devices and provide a high-speed data gateway
  • Integrates with Bluetooth®-enabled CONTOUR®NEXT ONE Blood Glucose Meter to transmit readings wirelessly to the PDM

It combines a tubeless, wearable, waterproof1 Pod that provides up to 72 hours of non-stop insulin with an easy to use, touch-screen, Bluetooth-enabled Personal Diabetes Manager (PDM) that looks like a normal smartphone.


The Omnipod DASH™ System also includes two mobile apps, Omnipod DISPLAY and Omnipod VIEW™, and a widget to view your insulin and CGM information on one screen.
DASH System
Display Mobile App DASH


The Omnipod DISPLAY App offers access to Omnipod DASH™ System information from the comfort of your patient's smartphone and includes a "Find My PDM" feature.

View Mobile App DASH


The Omnipod VIEW App allows caregivers and carepartners to remotely monitor up to 12 Omnipod DASH™ System users from the comfort of their own smartphones.

VIEW App Screen


The Omnipod DASH™ System iPhone Widget enables a combined view of Omnipod DASH™ System and CGM data within a single display on your patient's smartphone for easy access.

Set Yourself Free With The Omnipod DASH™ System

Omnipod DASH™ System FAQs

  1. The Pod has an IP28 rating for up to 25 ft. for 60 minutes. The Personal Diabetes Manager is not waterproof.
  2. CalorieKing® food library available in the English language only.
  3. The Dexcom System does not have integrated functionality with the Omnipod DASH™ System. iPhone widgets are mobile application shortcuts that are visible after swiping right from the home screen to the iPhone’s widgets.

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