Help others in the Diabetes Community by Becoming a Podvocate

We created the Omnipod® Insulin Management System to make diabetes a smaller part of life for our Podders™. Now we're introducing the Podvocate program to support Podders™ who want to do the same.

As a Podvocate, we’ll help connect you and the Podders™ in your life with opportunities to positively impact members of the diabetes community in a variety of ways, including:

  • Mentoring someone who is just beginning on the Omnipod® System
  • Talking with prospective Podders™ at events
  • Sharing your Omnipod® System experience on social media
  • Discussing life with diabetes on local or national news media outlets
  • Being featured in Omnipod® System marketing materials
Audrey Anderson Podder™ Since 2015
Audrey A. Podder™ Since 2015