Simplify Office Workflow

  • Spend less time uploading data, and more quality time with patients

Gain Insight and Optimize Care

  • View standardized, comprehensive reports and graphs to help make treatment decisions

Improve Collaboration

  • Patients can upload from home, so that you can review their data in between appointments
Coming in 2019- Automatic uploads of the Omnipod™ DASH!

How to Upload to a Glooko Transmitter

   Download The Glooko Transmitter Guide 

How to Upload to a Glooko Kiosk

   Download The Glooko Kiosk Guide 

How to Upload to a Glooko Uploader Software

   Download The Glooko Uploader Guide 

How to Upload to My.Glooko.Com Web Uploader

   Download The Glooko Web Uploader Guide 

Glooko Support


Contact Insulet Provided Glooko Support

Insulet Provided Glooko has numerous resources to help you and your Omnipod®System patients successfully use the Glooko mobile apps and web platform.

Glooko Log Book

Glooko Report Detail Aid

Key features and interpretation of Glooko reports

   Download the Glooko Reports Brochure

Connect a Compatible CGM to Glooko for Integrated Data

CGM Sync Instructions

Connect a compatible Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM) to Glooko by following these 3 simple steps

  Download the Glooko CGM Integration Guide PDF 

Glooko Create Report

Print and Store Reports

Print customized report sets, and attach to patient’s chart or other desired location

  Download the Glooko Report Guide

*To download data from your patient’s Omnipod® System Personal Diabetes Manager to Mac computers manufactured before mid-2012 utilizing Apple’s OS X El Capitan or Sierra software, it is recommended to use a USB Hub.