A two-part insulin management system

The Omnipod ® insulin management system is a portable device for insulin treatment that is comfortable to wear and easy to use.

Please speak to your diabetes medical professional first to clarify whether you are suitable for the Omnipod ® insulin management system.

The Pod

Der Pod

Der Pod ist ein kleines Gerät, das Sie mit Insulin befüllen und direkt am Körper tragen.

Its sturdy, waterproof 2 housing contains an integrated insulin container for 200 units, an integrated cannula with automatic insertion, a dispensing mechanism and a power supply. With the help of an adhesive pad, the pod sticks to a part of the body where you usually take the injection for 3 days 3 and releases insulin permanently.

Der Pod enthält eine kleine, flexible Kanüle, die automatisch per Tastendruck eingeführt wird.

This cannula is used to deliver precise and customized insulin doses to your body at individual rates. You program these rates yourself on the wireless companion, the Personal Diabetes Manager.

Insulin settings should be made as discussed by you and your healthcare provider.

Zur Programmierung der Insulinabgabe kommuniziert der Pod drahtlos mit dem Personal Diabetes Manager.

Unlike conventional insulin pumps, which require tubing, the pod can be worn comfortably and discreetly under clothing. The PDM is now in a backpack or bag 4 . And you don't have to worry about hoses getting caught or knotted, or feeling tied up.

PDM Front German

Der Personal Diabetes Manager

Das mobile Handgerät, der Personal Diabetes Manager, verwaltet Ihre Insulinabgabe kabellos basierend auf den von Ihnen programmierten Einstellungen4.

Thanks to the comprehensive list of foodstuffs with carbohydrate information, the calculator for bolus suggestions, the integrated FreeStyle Lite blood glucose meter (BG meter) and intuitive messages such as "Are you going to eat something?", The right insulin delivery is easy.

Der Personal Diabetes Manager umfasst ein integriertes FreeStyle Lite-Blutzucker-Messgerät.

With this FreeStyle blood glucose meter, you can measure your blood sugar levels if necessary.

Die Daten auf dem Personal Diabetes Manager können direkt in die Datenverwaltungssoftware hochgeladen werden.

The Omnipod ® system gives you online access to the Glooko ®  + diasend ® database. There you save your blood sugar, insulin and carbohydrate data as well as information from your BG meter, your continuous glucose monitor (CGM) and your fitness tracker. In the clear reports and diagrams from Glooko ®  + diasend ® you  will find all the information you need to make informed decisions about your insulin treatment.

Drei einfache Schritte zur Insulinabgabe

Step 1. Fill the Pod.

Schritt 1. Befüllen Sie den Pod.

The pod initializes itself automatically and runs a series of safety tests to prepare for insulin delivery.

Step 2. Apply the Pod.

Schritt 2. Bringen Sie den Pod an.

Place the pod where you would infuse it.

Step 3. Press Start.

Schritt 3. Drücken Sie auf „Start“.

The cannula is inserted automatically and insulin delivery begins.

For complete safety information, including warnings, contraindications, warnings, precautions, and instructions, see the Omnipod ® Insulin Management System User Guide at MyOmniPod.com.

  1. The sample pod is a non-functional pod without a needle.
  2. Up to 72 hours of insulin delivery
  3. The pod is waterproof for up to 60 minutes in a water depth of up to 7.6 meters (IPX8). This means that the pod can remain at a depth of 7.6 meters under water for up to an hour. The PDM is not waterproof.
  4. For activation, the Pod and Personal Diabetes Manager must lie side by side and touch each other. In normal operation, the Personal Diabetes Manager must be within 1.5 meters of the pod.