Insulin management for children with diabetes

If a child is diagnosed with diabetes, the whole family is always affected. As a parent or caregiver, you have two goals when choosing the treatment method: you have to take into account the new requirements for the child's health care while also giving him the freedom that a healthy child has.

We developed the Omnipod ® insulin management system precisely for this purpose : It is intended to treat diabetes and to disrupt everyday life as little as possible. The tubeless Omnipod (R) system, one of the leading
insulin pumps for children in the US 1 , is easy to use and enables parents, caregivers or older children to control insulin therapy 2 .

Please note that only your child's medical diabetes care provider can assess whether the Omnipod ® insulin management system is suitable for your child.

Ein schlauchloses, wasserdichtes3 Insulinpumpensystem

Part of the Omnipod system is the tubeless, waterproof 3 pod that your child can wear almost anywhere on the body where an insulin injection would also be placed. Our Omnipod ® system is one of the leading insulin pumps 1 for children:

  • It is suitable for pediatric diabetes patients of all ages, including infants - subject to confirmation of suitability from your child's medical diabetes caregiver.
  • It is tubeless and can therefore be used e.g. B. do not get caught in the climbing frame. The doses can also be administered tubeless 2 during the night, so that the child does not have to get up.
  • It is easy to activate and operate because the cannula is inserted automatically - the needle is not visible at all.
  • It is so small that it can be worn discreetly under clothing.
  • It is waterproof 3 and can therefore be worn without interruption when bathing or water sports.
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Funktionsweise unseres tragbaren Insulinabgabesystems

Insulin pumps are an alternative to daily insulin injection by delivering small doses of insulin to your child's body throughout the day. The Omnipod ® system differs from conventional insulin pumps in its innovative, compact and tubeless design, tailor-made for a life full of activities for you and your child.

The Omnipod ® system is very simple and consists of only two components: 

1. Der Pod.

A small device with an adhesive pad on the back that is attached to the arm, back, stomach, leg or any other part of the body and is
simply worn under clothing . The pod contains a small, flexible cannula that is automatically inserted into the skin at the push of a button. This cannula is used to deliver precise and personalized insulin doses to the body at fixed and variable rates. You program these rates yourself on the wireless companion, the Personal Diabetes Manager (PDM).

Insulin settings should be made as discussed by you and your child's medical diabetes care provider.

2. Der Personal Diabetes Manager.

A portable device that controls insulin delivery exactly according to your settings. Your child does not have to carry the Personal Diabetes Manager with them all the time - once you activate the pod, the PDM only needs to be less than 1.5 meters from the pod to B. deliver a meal bolus 3 . Thanks to individual insulin settings, stored medical data, a database with carbohydrate information for most foods and an integrated FreeStyle ® blood glucose meter (BG meter), diabetes treatment is very easy.

Das Omnipod®-System galt in den USA als marktführende Insulinpumpe1 für Kinder

More than 140,000 users of the Omnipod ® system and their families take advantage of our tubeless insulin pump every day. They call themselves "Podder ™" - read for yourself what they have to say about our insulin management system:

Mit dem Omnipod®-System dürfen Kinder auch Kinder bleiben.
  • The pod will continuously deliver 5 insulin for up to 3 days . This means that your child can take part in dance lessons, play video games, fight with siblings and play with friends without being constantly interrupted.
  • Your child no longer has to worry about tubes that knot while playing football or swimming in clothing.
  • There are no restrictions on the choice of clothing because the pod can be worn inconspicuously under clothing. And nowhere is a bulky pump hanging around.
  • The sturdy pod is ideal for competitive sports and an active lifestyle - so future soccer stars and gymnasts can focus on their sport instead of their diabetes.
Der Pod ist einfach anzubringen und die Kanüle wird schnell und nahezu schmerzlos eingeführt.
  • The pod is quick and easy to attach and the cannula is simply inserted automatically. This means that parents no longer have to laboriously keep their children still to administer a manual injection.
  • The waterproof 2 pod does not have to be removed when it comes into contact with water - so your child no longer has to worry about where the pump can be hung up when showering or swimming.
  • When submitting a pre-programmed basal rate profile, the Personal Diabetes Manager does not have to be in the immediate vicinity of your child. Only when delivering a bolus or starting a new basal rate profile, it must not be more than 1.5 meters from the pod 3 .
Benutzerfreundliche Technologie für eine einfache Verwaltung der Blutzuckerwerte.
  • The Omnipod ® system comprises only two parts and is very user-friendly .
  • The insulin is up to 3 days 5 released continuously. This avoids fluctuations in blood sugar levels that arise when basal insulin delivery is interrupted.
  • The small Personal Diabetes Manager can easily be carried in a backpack, bag or sports bag. The Omnipod ® system is therefore suitable for every lifestyle.
  • In addition to the regular basal rates and bolus doses, you can also set up temporary doses and adjust the basal rate, e.g. B. if your child is very active or needs a different dosage over a certain period of time.
  • A meal bolus is easy to set and manage - you no longer need to give an injection at every meal and snack.
  • With the Personal Diabetes Manager, you can adjust the meal boluses to be administered over a longer period of time.
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  1. dQ & A Q4 2017 Independent 2017 patient exam in the United States. The market share of parents of children with type 1 diabetes who chose the Omnipod system was higher than that of other pumps tested
  2. For the first activation, the Pod and PDM must lie next to each other and touch each other. During normal operation, the pod must be within 1.5 meters of the PDM.
  3. The pod is waterproof up to 7.6 meters for up to 60 minutes (IPX8). The PDM is not waterproof.
  4. The trial pod is a non-functioning, needle-free pod for trial use only.