See how the small, light, and tubeless Omnipod® Insulin Management System is helping to change lives for the better.

Clare F.

Clare was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes when she was 14 years old. Although the prognosis wasn’t great when she was diagnosed over 40 years ago, she took it one day at a time, managing her diabetes with what was then available. But an active lifestyle led to blood sugar swings and Clare realised she wanted to be more hypo-aware. After considering traditional insulin pumps, she switched to the Omnipod® System and hasn’t looked back since.

Clare J. Podder since 2013
Clare F. Podder™ since 2013

Kelly L.

There’s never a dull moment for Kelly, a full-time working mother of 5 teenagers (yes, 5!) Kelly’s hectic everyday leaves her little free time, and even less time to manage her diabetes. When she was first diagnosed with late-developing Type 1 diabetes, Kelly had to balance daily injections with life on the go. With the Omnipod® System, she now has a continuous insulin delivery system that’s flexible enough for her busy schedule — and even allows her a little time to plan for life when all her teenagers go to college.

Kelly L. Podder™ since 2014
Kelly L. Podder™ since 2014

Kishon K.

As a full-time college student, Kishon doesn’t have “off” days; she balances academics with dance practice and running student organisations. Kishon first managed her Type 1 diabetes with daily injections, but her mother was not happy about her handling this responsibility alone while at college. So Kishon made the switch to the Omnipod® System and discovered how the Pod could personalise diabetes management to help make life simpler, and make mum happier.

Kishon K. Podder™ since 2014

Frank C.

It’s rare to see a child under one year old get diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. It wasn’t long before Frank’s mum started looking for ways to help him receive continuous insulin delivery while letting him swim, roughhouse, and do other toddler things. The Omnipod® System was a natural choice. Today, Frank loves his dinosaur toys, playing with his cats, tormenting his older brother, and helping mum out in the kitchen. Kind of like a normal kid—because that's what he is.

Frank C, Podder™ since 2014