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  • Flexible

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    You can sleep in, exercise, and just live life on your own terms, because you’re not tied to an injection schedule or tethered to a traditional insulin pump.

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  • Precise

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    With just the push of a button on your Personal Diabetes Manager (PDM), the cannula on the Pod automatically inserts hands-free to consistently deliver insulin.

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  • Simple

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    The Pod holds and delivers your insulin, with no tubes to tangle. The PDM wirelessly programs your personalized insulin delivery, calculates suggested doses and insulin on board, and has a convenient, built-in FreeStyle blood glucose meter.

    A two-part system
  • Discreet

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    The Pod is small and lightweight. You can wear it anywhere you would inject and dress how you'd like. No one ever needs to know (unless you want them to).

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  • Waterproof

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    Wear the Pod in the shower, the tub, or the pool without disrupting your insulin delivery.

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    The PDM is not waterproof. The Pod has a waterproof IPX8 rating for up to 25 feet for 60 minutes.

  • Peace of Mind

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    Peace of Mind

    Over 95% of Podders™ we asked told us they trust their Omnipod® System to manage their diabetes.¹

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    1. Polonsky, Hessler, Layne, Zisser.  Impact of the Omnipod® Insulin Management System on Quality of Life: A Survey of Current Users.  Diabetes Technology & Therapeutics, Volume 18, No. 10, 2016.