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See the Benefits of the PDM's Built-in Blood Glucose Meter

With just two user-friendly parts that communicate wirelessly, the OmniPod System simplifies pump therapy. Whether your patient is a first-time pump user or switching from another pump, the OmniPod System provides features that enable your patients to more easily and effectively manage their diabetes.



  • Tubing-free design prevents snagging and the need to disconnect so that your patients get truly continuous insulin delivery.
  • Virtually pain-free, automated insertion ensures cannula inserts to a consistent depth and angle, minimizing error and tissue damage.
  • Automatic priming purges air from the Pod, preventing blood glucose excursions from air-in-line displacement of insulin.
  • Waterproof Pod eliminates the need to disconnect. Patients can shower or go into the tub or the pool without interrupting insulin delivery.
  • Integrated FreeStyle® blood glucose meter automatically integrates blood glucose measurements into suggested bolus calculations.
  • Lightweight and discreet, the Pod weighs a mere 1.2 ounces with a full reservoir.
  • 24/7 Expert Customer Care: 800.591.3455.



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