Simplified insulin delivery deserves simplified access

The Omnipod® System is widely covered by commercial plans, with coverage for over 208 million lives through both the medical benefit and pharmacy benefit. Broad commercial access provides your patients with the flexibility to choose the channel that best aligns to their unique and personal financial situations, and also simplifies the pump initiation process for your office.

Pharmacy Coverage

The Omnipod® System is the only full-featured insulin pump in the United States that is available through the pharmacy channel. Prescribing the Omnipod® System through the pharmacy channel can mean less paperwork for healthcare providers and faster turnaround for your patients. We currently have access through Express Scripts® and CVS/Caremark™, and are continuing to expand pharmacy access across the United States. To get your patient started, all that is required from you is an electronic prescription (eRx).

 Learn how to prescribe the Omnipod® System through the pharmacy channel

Medical Equipment Benefit

Like most other insulin pumps, the Omnipod® System is also available as durable medical equipment. To get your patient started, you will need to submit a Certificate of Medical Necessity alongside our Patient Information Form. Your patient’s insurance plan will dictate his or her coverage.

 Learn how to prescribe the Omnipod® System as durable medical equipment

Benefits of the Pharmacy Channel

The pharmacy channel streamlines the prescription and delivery process for both healthcare providers and patients. Benefits include:

  • No Durable Medical Equipment paperwork required
  • Patients can fill their prescriptions online and conveniently receive them through mail order
  • Patients may see out-of-pocket costs as low as $35 per month

 See how to write an eRx prescription for the Omnipod® System

The Pod has a waterproof IPX8 rating for up to 25 feet for 60 minutes. The Personal Diabetes Manager is not waterproof.