Have questions on how to use your Omnipod®? Watch how it's done with these helpful training videos that take you step-by-step through the process.


When to change your Pod

Understanding when you'll need to change your Pod

How to remove your Pod

Taking the proper steps to deactivate and remove your current Pod

Items you'll need to activate your Pod

Gathering the specific items you'll need to activate a new Pod

How to fill your Pod

Filling your Pod with insulin

How to prime your Pod

Understanding the Pod priming process

How to select an infusion site

Locating optimal Pod infusion sites

How to prepare an infusion site

Preparing the infusion site best practices

How to properly apply your Pod

Learn how to place your Pod securely to your infusion site

How to insert your cannula

Inserting the cannula at the same depth and angle every time


When to check your blood glucose

Learning when to check your blood glucose

How to set up a lancing device

Properly setting up your lancing device for use

How to insert and calibrate test strips

Inserting and calibrating your Freestyle® test strips

How to obtain a blood sample and apply it to the test strip

Obtaining an adequate blood sample and applying it to the test strips for results

Blood glucose results

Understanding your blood glucose results


Reminders, advisory alerts, and hazard alarms

Getting to know the Omnipod® Insulin Management System's reminders, alerts, and alarms

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