Basal Insulin Basics


Your constant source of insulin.


Basal insulin is a small amount of insulin that is delivered continuously, no matter what you are doing.  It is measured in units per hour (U/hr). Because the optimal delivery rate changes from person to person, you can program the OmniPod System to deliver your insulin at the basal rate that best matches your insulin needs.


Basal Insulin Programs

Your insulin needs can vary throughout the day. For instance, many people need less insulin when they sleep.


With OmniPod, you can program the PDM so that the Pod delivers a different basal rate at specific periods, or segments, throughout a 24-hour cycle. For instance, you might choose to divide 24 hours into three time segments with a different basal rate for each segment. This sequence is called a basal program. You can create up to 7 customized basal insulin programs with the OmniPod System—for example, one for weekdays and one for weekends—specifying up to 24 segments per program.


Of course, you and your healthcare provider will decide on the basal rates that best match your lifestyle and insulin needs.