A resource for parents of children with type 1 diabetes and their sitters

For parents, being away from a child with type 1 diabetes (T1D) is tough— so tough that most avoid it altogether. But spending time apart is important for the whole family. Parents need time to themselves and children need space to just be kids, while growing more independent with their diabetes tasks.

SmartSitters covers essential information about T1D to help families and sitters manage T1D together, wherever they are.

Getting Acquainted

This form helps the parents save the sitter’s contact information and preferred method of communication, as well as the days and times the sitter is available and by what time he or she needs to be home.

This form covers the parents’ contact information, children’s names and ages, others who can be reached in an emergency, the home address and a checklist of diabetes self-care activities to help the sitter understand what the child with T1D can do independently.

Caring for a child with T1D means storing a lot of supplies in the home. This form allows parents to note where the sitter can find supplies like a blood glucose (BG) meter and test strips, insulin, syringes, continuous glucose monitor (CGM) and/ or pump supplies, snacks or fast-acting glucose for treating lows and emergency glucagon.

Sitting Plans & Information

Whether you’re a parent teaching a sitter all about your child’s condition, or a sitter getting up to speed, these forms provide important information about the child’s home, family, and how they approach diabetes in different situations and timeframes.

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Special thanks to our partners2 at JDRF, College Diabetes Network and Children with Diabetes for their contributions to the SmartSitters project.