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Over 93% of Podders™ we asked said they trust their  Omnipod® System to manage their diabetes*.  See how the small, light, and tubeless Pod is helping to change Podders™ lives for the better.

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Why slow down when there's so much to do?

Trent omnipod Success
Trent W.

Podder since 2013

Why slow down when there's so much to do?

He was only 8 when he was diagnosed with type one diabetes (T1D), but how's this for maturity? Trent told his mother that diabetes was “his gift,” because he knew that while not everyone can handle it, he could.

And boy, does he ever handle diabetes. With the Omnipod® System,  Trent continues to participate in sports. All of them. Trent is into basketball, baseball, golf, skateboarding, swimming, and skiing when he feels like taking it easy. He's fueled by pizza, and supported by the Omnipod® System.

  • 12-year-old relentless optimist
  • Celebrates his “diaversary” every year
  • “Trent’s Terminators” participate in the annual JDRF One Walk

“With Omnipod®, it's diabetes for dummies. You don't have to think as much.”

Her family is her support, Omnipod® is her system

Kelly's Success Story on Omnipod
Kelly L.

Podder since 2014

Her family is her support, Omnipod® is her system

There’s never a dull moment for Kelly, a working mother of 5 teenagers (yes, 5). Kelly’s hectic everyday leaves her little free time, and even less time to manage her diabetes. When she was first diagnosed with late-developing type 1 diabetes, Kelly struggled with balancing daily injections with life on the go. Then she found the Omnipod® System.

Now, she has a continuous insulin delivery system that’s flexible enough for her busy schedule—and even allows her a little time to plan for life when all her teenagers go to college.

  • Full-time working mom
  • Says type 1 diabetes made her strong
  • Backed by her family, she can do anything
“With Omnipod®, it just works a lot more with your real life, with your everyday functions and lifestyle.”

She’s active, independent and brave

Katie Omnipod Success
Katie R.

Podder since 2015

She’s active, independent and brave

There’s no good time to be diagnosed with T1D, but right as you’re entering your teenage years seemed particularly unfair to Katie. All that independence she had gained was gone in an instant, replaced by her mother’s constant worry.

The way she’s taken charge of her T1D with the help of the Omnipod®System has helped mom see how strong and brave Katie really is. Now, she’s back to babysitting, heading out for pizza with friends, and playing, oh, just one or two soccer games a day.

  • An active 13-year-old
  • Aspires to be a professional soccer player
  • Loves spending time at the family lake house
“I tried my first demo Pod at a lake. None of my friends even noticed.”

Every minute in his day is spoken for, thank you very much

Brad Omnipod Success
Brad G.

Podder since 2007

Every minute in his day is spoken for, thank you very much

Brad balances a long commute and a hectic work schedule with his favorite role—being a full-time dad. There’s just not a lot of time in the day to focus on his diabetes. The few minutes he does have are more than enough since he’s managing with the Omnipod® System.

The Pod is so unobtrusive, some days he can’t remember where he’s wearing it. Instead, he focuses on trying to remember where he has to drive his daughters tonight. Karate, dance, or Girl Scouts?

  • 38-year-old father of two, husband of one
  • Diagnosed with T1D at 25
  • IT jack-of-all-trades professional

“All in all, I’m an average guy who happens to have diabetes.”

Independent, outspoken, and living with T1D.

Kishon Omnipod Success
Kishon K.

Podder since 2014

Independent, outspoken, and living with T1D. All just a part of who she is.

As a full-time college student, Kishon doesn’t have “off” days. She’s busy from sunup to sundown balancing academics with dance practice and running student organizations. Kishon first managed her T1D with daily injections. Yet her mother worried about her handling this responsibility alone while at college.

So Kishon made the switch to the Omnipod® System and discovered how the Pod could personalize diabetes management to help make life simpler, and make mom worry just a little less.

  • Active and artistic 22-year-old student
  • Hopes to become a T1D care advocate
  • Super ready to graduate college
“Life is simpler now. I have less things to remember to do.”

Making the "Terrible Twos" a little less terrible

Frankie Omnipod Success
Frank C.

Podder since before
He could even walk

Making the "terrible twos" a little less terrible

It’s rare to see a child under 1 get diagnosed with T1D. It wasn’t long before Frank’s mom started looking for ways to help him receive the continuous insulin he’d need, while letting him swim, roughhouse, and do other toddler things. The Omnipod® System was a natural choice.

Today, Frank loves his dinosaur toys, playing with his cats, tormenting his older brother, and helping mom out in the kitchen. Kind of like a normal kid—because that's what he is.

  • A not-so-terrible 2-year-old
  • Frank’s mom, Rachel, calls him “her strength”
  • Rachel decided on the Omnipod® System after watching YouTube videos
“I’ve been surprised at how fast we’ve adapted to our situation.” – Rachel C.

After 37 years of injections, she's free

Clare Omnipod Success
Clare F.

Podder since 2013

After 37 years of injections, she's free

Clare was diagnosed with T1D when she was 14 years old. That was over 40 years ago, and if you were diagnosed with T1D 40 years ago, the prognosis wasn’t great. But she took it one day at a time managing with what was then available.

But an active lifestyle led to blood sugar swings and dangerous lows, until one particularly frightening incident made Clare realize she needed to be more hypo-aware. After considering traditional insulin pumps, she switched to the Omnipod® System, and hasn’t looked back since.

  • 54-year-old chemist and mother of one
  • Plays tennis, swims, bikes, and skis
  • Enjoys sharing her diabetes experience and knowledge
“I don’t have to spend as much time thinking about diabetes.”