The Makers of the Omnipod® Insulin Management System

Insulet Corporation (NASDAQ: PODD), headquartered in Massachusetts, is an innovative medical device company dedicated to making the lives of people with diabetes and other conditions easier through the use of its Omnipod® System platform. The Omnipod® System provides a unique alternative to traditional insulin delivery methods. With its simple, wearable design, the disposable Pod provides up to three days* of non-stop insulin delivery, without the need to see or handle a needle. Insulet also leverages the unique design of its Pod, by tailoring its Omnipod® technology platform for the delivery of non-insulin subcutaneous drugs across multiple therapeutic areas. Founded in 2000, more than 140,000 users across the globe rely on Insulet’s Omnipod® Insulin Management System to bring simplicity and freedom to their lives.

Starting July 1, 2018, Insulet will assume direct distribution of its Omnipod® Insulin Management System in Europe, including sales, marketing, training and customer support activities. This will allow Insulet to be closer to the diabetes community and identify opportunities to support European customer needs over the long-term, as it already does in the United States and Canada. European customers can find additional information about our transition at and can also register for email updates. For information about the current distribution of the Omnipod® Insulin Management System in Europe and support before July 1, 2018, please visit mylife_OmniPod.

The Makers of the Omnipod® System


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*Up to 72 hours of insulin delivery