Diabetes Care Simplified, For You and Your Patients

The tubeless Omnipod® System streamlines the management of insulin-dependent diabetes and may help healthcare providers to make more informed treatment decisions.

Beyond its many benefits for patients, the Omnipod® System allows healthcare practices to:

  • Keep office visits more patient-focused than product-focused, thanks to the Omnipod® System’s ease of use
  • Upload and manage data from 70+ diabetes management devices through Insulet Provided Glooko. With standardized reporting, Insulet Provided Glooko allows more time for consultation and less time uploading and interpreting data.
  • Spend less time writing the initial prescription, as it’s the only full-featured insulin pump in the US that can be prescribed as a pharmacy benefit as well as a medical benefit
  • Take advantage of initial and ongoing patient training provided by Insulet’s ADEPT™ certified clinicians
PDM and Pod