Consider Pod Therapy—and say goodbye to needles and pens.

If you have diabetes—and your body requires insulin—you need to know about Pod Therapy.  It can make your diabetes a smaller and more manageable part of your life.

Insulet received FDA clearance for use of Fiasp® rapid acting insulin within the Omnipod® platform for adults! Click here to learn more. 

People with Type 1 or insulin-requiring Type 2 diabetes—along with caregivers of both children and adults with diabetes—are choosing Pod Therapy as simple, smart, discreet way to control their insulin and manage their diabetes.

The Omnipod System

With Pod Therapy, you have proven, reliable insulin management that can provide up to 72 hours of continuous insulin delivery. It all starts with a tubeless, wearable Pod that is waterproof* and discreet (can be worn under clothing)—controlled by a Personal Diabetes Manager that helps you accomplish everyday tasks like carbohydrate counting, bolus doses and more.

* The Pod has an IP28 rating for up to 25 ft. for 60 minutes. The Personal Diabetes Manager is not waterproof.